By entering school grounds, all persons are giving consent to a search of their person, property and vehicle.  No guns, weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs will be allowed on these premises.


Pursuant to Florida Statute Section 232.25

  • Orange County Public School employees are not responsible for supervising students not in attendance at school or students not authorized to participate in school sponsored activities.
  • OCPS employees are not responsible for supervising student arrival on these premises more than 30 minutes before school sponsored activities begin or students remaining on these premises more than 30 minutes after the end of school sponsored activities.(The aforementioned times for middle school are 9AM and 4:20PM on all days except Wednesday when the pick-up time is no later than 3:20PM.
  • Under no circumstances should parents or guardians rely upon Orange County Public School employees to supervise students outside of the scope of this statute.


For the safety of our students, parents and employees, we have cameras located throughout our campus that are monitored 24 hours a day /  7 days a week.



As we communicate with each other, we need to remember that we are working together to benefit the children of this community.  Therefore, the Orange County School Board requires that as we communicate, students, OCPS faculty and staff, parents, guardians and all other members of the community shall:

  • Treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times
  • Treat each other with kindness
  • Take responsibility for our own actions
  • Cooperate with one another

Note:  The entire Policy of Civil Conduct (Management Directive B12) can be found in the OCPS Student Code of Conduct.


Discipline is one of the most important lessons that education should teach.  It is this training that develops self-control, character and efficiency.  It is the key to good conduct, high academic performance and respect for yourself and others.  For Carver Middle School to provide a safe environment that promotes learning for all its students, the Orange County "Code of Student Conduct" and Carver rules and regulations will be followed.  Each student will receive both copies the first day of school or when a new student enrolls during the year.  All teachers review the Code of Conduct and Carver rules and regulations with the students.  Please ask your child for this information and review it with him/her.  We encourage everyone to display PROUD AND POSITIVE BEHAVIOR at all times.  Bullying is not an acceptable behavior.  Any time your child has a problem or concern with someone, have him/her go and talk to an adult before he/she makes the wrong choice.  These adults include his/her teacher, guidance counselor, administrator and/or the S.A.F.E. coordinator.


Florida State law requires that students under the age of eighteen years attend school on a regular basis.  The attendance policies of Carver Middle School are described below.

  1. On a daily basis, student absence will be recorded as unexcused. It is the responsibility of a student's parent or guardian to promptly report the reason for the student's absence to the school. The principal has the ultimate authority to decide whether an absence is excused or unexcused.
  2. Excused absences include:
    1. illness, injury or other insurmountable condition;
    2. illness or death of a member of the student's immediate family;
    3. recognized (or established) religious holidays and/or religious instruction;
    4. medical appointments;
    5. participation in an approved activity or class of instruction held at another school site;
    6.   prearranged absences of educational value with the principal's prior approval;
    7. up to four (4) days during the school year due to head lice infestation.
  3. If a student accumulates five (5) unexcused absences within a month or ten (10) unexcused absences within a 90 calendar day period, the student will be reported to the principal or designee and a child study   team will schedule a meeting with the student's parent/guardian.
  4. If a student accumulates five (5) unexcused absences in a calendar month, or ten to fifteen (10-15) unexcused absences within a 90 calendar day period, a truancy petition may be filed in judicial court.Also, the student name will be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles and the student will not get their permit to drive.
  5. If a student is repeatedly absent from school, the school is authorized to require the parent/guardian to provide a written   physician's statement for subsequent absences to be considered excused.
  6. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain, complete and hand in any missed assignments due to absences including out of school suspensions. These assignments are due within the same number of days absent plus one.  If you would like to request homework during your child’s absence, please call the grade level clerk.

A student who is not in his/her first assigned class at the beginning of each school day shall be considered tardy.