The goal of our mathematics program at Carver Middle School is to meet the learning needs of every student – from those that are struggling to those ready to begin taking high school coursework.  We are accomplishing this by offering a dual approach of skills-based and standards-based instruction.

Regular and Advanced Math

All students are enrolled in a regular or advanced math course for their grade level.   Small group instruction is the cornerstone of these courses and allows teachers to address individual learning needs while still providing instruction rooted in the Florida Sunshine State Standards.  Some students may be enrolled in an additional math class, such as intensive math or enrichment math.

Intensive Math

Students working below grade level in math are enrolled in intensive math as well as their regular math course.  The focus of intensive math is to provide individualized instruction to each student.  Student skill gaps are identified by the teacher using a variety of methods, including the Success Maker computer program.  Once skill gaps are identified, the intensive math teacher works with students one-on-one or in small groups to teach the needed skills.  As students reach their grade level in math, they may exit the intensive math class.

Enrichment Math

Student working at or above grade level may be enrolled in enrichment math.  This course allows students to explore math concepts at a deeper level.  One part of the enrichment math class is the use of the computer program, Adaptive Curriculum.

Courses for High School Credit

Carver currently offers Algebra I Honors for high school credit to qualified 8th graders.  In addition to this, plans are in the works for a Geometry Honors track that will give eligible students the opportunity to complete two high school courses -- Algebra I Honors in grade 7 and Geometry Honors in grade 8.