You’re invited to become involved with the community groups at Carver Middle School.
Community groups consist of the School Advisory Council (SAC); Parent Leadership Council (PLC); and, Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).


SAC: To assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school Improvement Plan.

PTSA: To cooperate and influence policy makers and school officials on the health, education, welfare and safety issues affecting the youth of Carver Middle School.


For more information call 407-296-5110

We are working to help our school improve and we need your help and advice! Sign up at any school meeting to find out how you can become a part of the team of individuals from various segments of the community who are working to foster improvements at our school.

Remember, today’s students are tomorrow’s workers.

If you would like to view the School Improvement Plan (SIP), please click the link below.  

Carver Middle School School Improvement Plan