Inquiry is a diverse means of studying scientific concepts and proposing explanations based on the evidence gathered. In the Science lab, students are being taught the basic skills needed to perform an investigation. The teacher guides the students toward scientifically oriented questions as the students design and performs the investigations. The students use the evidence gathered and attempt a scientific explanation of what they observed. This process is designed to meet the basic needs of the students and direct them toward critical thinking and problem solving.

What you see in the Science Laboratory:

  • Differentiated small group instruction focusing on basic Science skills. The students rotate through stations that include hands on labs, reading, math skills, and technology. This allows the teacher to provide individualized and intense instruction.
  • Inquiry activities where the teacher poses a scientifically oriented question then facilitates as the students design and perform an investigation.
  • Socratic seminars where the class discusses the evidence gathered during an investigation and attempt a scientific explanation of what they observed.