Exceptional Student Education 

ESE Staff
Teacher  Responsibilities
 Mr. Watts 6th Grade
Ms. Menefee 7th Grade
Ms. Manning 8th Grade
Mrs. Skrivseth 6-8 separate class teacher
Ms. Woodard Staffing Specialist

Carver features an outstanding instructional model for students who are staffed into various Exceptional Student Educational (ESE) programs. We offer services in the areas of Intellectual Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language Impaired, Other Health Impaired, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities. Services are delivered based upon the student's abilities and specific needs; not based solely upon their classification.

For each student, their Individual Education Plan (IEP) is reviewed and a determination is made as to their placement to allow for the student to have as much access to the general curriculum as their ability level allows. For students requiring additional support, services are tailored to meet their need in accordance with the prescribed instructional/delivery model of Carver Middle School.

For students who are being recommended for testing, an Educational Planning Team (EPT) consisting of the parent, teachers, guidance counselor, and other support staff is organized to discuss concerns and the implementation of specific interventions targeted to address those needs. After an agreed upon period, the team reconvene as a follow-up to assess the status of the interventions (Response to Intervention/RTI) and to make a determination as to the need for testing. If testing is not warranted, the team may recommend the implementation of a 504 plan used to provide the student with accommodations to help them be successful in the general education setting.

Each year, a student's needs and progress is discussed at the annual review. At which point, the team may propose continuation in the program, change of placement, dismissal, and/or reevaluation.

The ESE team is comprised of a Staffing Specialist (facilitates placement and compliance), an ESE team leader (collaborates with general education teachers), ESE Teachers (trained specifically to provide specialized instructional techniques), and Support Staff (assist students in various capacities).

Our goal at Carver is to meet students needs in a manner that prepares them for the next step in education.