Student Services

Mrs. Rebecca Boatright
6th Grade and 7th Grade (Last Names A-L)

I currently hold a Masters Degree in School Counseling and am the proud 6th grade counselor at THE CARVER MIDDLE SCHOOL! I chose counseling as a profession because I believe in harnessing and improving the mental and emotional well being of our students. My wish is to connect with as many students as possible to assist them in developing resiliency skills so that they are better prepared when they are going through rough times. I knew early on that all I wanted to do was help students in need and that my passion from school counseling comes from the heart . I hope that I will be able to serve my community to the highest capacity and bring your students to success.

Thank you!

Ms. Carolyn Thomas
7th Grade (Last Names M-Z) and 8th Grade

Hello! My name is Carolyn Thomas and I am a certified Professional School Counselor for Orange County Public Schools. I am also the Student Services department lead School Counselor here at THE Carver Middle School. In 2008 I graduated from The University of South Florida with a B.A in Psychology. In 2011 I began my career as a classroom teacher but quickly noticed the need for students to be able to express themselves outside of the bounds of the classroom setting. So, I decided to go back to The University Of Central Florida to obtain my M.Ed. in Counselor Education. I chose to become a school counselor because, though I love to teach, my passion in life is to educate students and families on the importance of mental, social and emotional wellbeing. I also get to help students and families reach their academic goals. So, essentially, I now get to spend my days working in the best of both worlds.