Four sports (Soccer / Basketball / Volleyball / Track and Field) are offered during the school year for both boys and girls. Students participating in interscholastic sports compete against other middle schools in our learning community. Dates for try-outs begin on or about the second day of each nine-weeks. Participating in an interscholastic sports at Carver is considered a privilege, subject to the approval of the head coach, administration and athletic coordinator. All students shall abide by the Orange County Public School Code of Student Conduct, Carver rules and regulations, as well as the rules and regulations set up by his / her coach. All forms must be completed each year and must be done only on the forms provided.

A student may be eligible to participate only after all the following forms and sections are completed and turned in to his / her coach by the first day of try-outs.

  1. Sports Screening Physical Examination Form, which contains the following sections:

    1. Notice to Parents / Legal Guardians

    2. Parent / Legal Guardian and Student Notice of Responsibility and Consent for Participation

    3. Family / Student Health History

    4. Verification of Medical insurance (If you do not have insurance, write in "None")


    6. Physical Examination

    7. Physician's Assessment

    8. Physician's Signature

    9. Physician's Stamp---Address

  2. Copy of Birth Certificate

  3. Notification of Risk

  4. Emergency Treatment Authorization Card

  5. Maintain a 2.0 grade point average for the previous nine-weeks

Athletic Staff
Activity Contact Person
After School All Stars Mrs. Shazier-Williams
Basketball Coach Hernandez
Soccer  Mr. McMillion
Track Coach Hernandez
Volleyball Coach Hernandez