Volleyball Season concluded on February 5, 2021 as an intramural season.  We are proud of the job our Boys and Girls did here at the Great Carver Middle School.  It was a pleasure to see the kids work together and improve.

Students were given medals based on a point system that rewarded the kids for winning the games and being a good player and a good teammate.  We had three weeks of games on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the games were attended by parents in a responsible and socially distanced way.
1st place:  Tatyana Holden 8th grade
2nd place: Koriannah Gist & Destiny Ortiz both 8th grade 
3rd Place: Examine Frederick 8th grade
Most Improved:
Dajea Hylick 7th grade and Destiny Ortiz 8th grade
1st Place: Dave Cantave 8th grade
2nd Place: Kevin Bango 8th grade
3rd Place: Zaccari Fort 7th grade
Most Improved:
Zaccari Fort and John Wilson both 7th grade

A good time was had by all and it was a great deal of fun!  Can't wait to see the team next year here at the Great Carer Middle School.